Conventions / Trade shows

 TOP RESA 2016, PARIS   september 20, 21, 22, 23  2016                        Olfactory Terminals installation with Vanilla scent.                                             La REUNION ISLAND - ISLAND INTENSE     

                                                                                                  Presentation                     Speach by Stéphane Fouassin, IRT Président


30th International days of essential oils
6, 7, 8 September 2011 at the Palais des Congrès - Digne les Bains.
Show a world of scents
by Michel Roudnitska.
Dissemination of 8 perfumes.

Convention of the executives Louis VUITTON at the Maison de la Mutualité
June 13, 2012; dissemination of 3 fragrances created by Jacques CAVALLIER
Grasse Mimosa, Jasmine from the pont Neuf, pink of Grasse.

3rd International traditional medicine Congress
Of Enchantment to healing the scent of 22-23 May 2010 in Lyon.
The art of fragrance to the awakening of consciousness Conference of Michel Roudnitska
followed by the show a world in scents.

A world of scents

National Prism Evolution meetings
Hotel HILTON Arc de Triomphe PARIS salons
Wyeth - Pfizer group company
March 26, 2010.
Dissemination of four scents during dinner:
Forest, Ocean, Amazon, vanilla.

Motor in PARIS from 4 to October 19, 2008,.
stand PEUGEOT and EDF stand

Convention CHANTELLE
to Eurosites PARIS January 22, 2008.

The Automobile of Frankfurt, olfactive animation of the PEUGEOT Stand
11-September 23, 2007.

Scents of Amazon rainforest.

Convention GROUPAMA in PARIS
March 27, 2007.
Diffusion of fragrances.

Global automotive
in Geneva,
6-March 18, 2007.

HEAVENT 2006 at the Hippodrome de Longchamp Paris Show

Olfactory animation at the marquee VLS from 21 to 23 November

Salon perfumes and aromas
in the garden of the Tuileries from 18 to 21 May 2006.

Room fragrances and aromas from 21 to 23 May 2005, at the Carrousel du Louvre
presentation of the performance of Michel Roudnitska one world in scents.

BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN, Event Milk and Honey
Salon of fashion Berlin 21-22-23 January 2005.

Seminar PFIZER in Nice on December 9, 2004.
Dissemination of scents.

Global auto Paris, Stand 23/09, 10/10/2004 CITROEN.

International Convention of the DANONE group
at the Théâtre Antoine Riboud in Evian on September 22, 2004.
Dissemination of scents.

Convention CITROEN
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
August 26, 2004.

SANOFI, Parc des Expositions PARIS Convention
December 18, 2003.

Salon WWW Palais des Congrès PARIS, Spectacle of Michel ROUDNITSKA
A world of scents on June 12, 2003. Dissemination of scents.

Images, photos and fragrances Michel Roudnitska

Hiking in PARIS Salon
from 28 to 30 March 2003, Stand Yves ROCHER.

Convention GARNIER
to the Pont du Gard on March 7, 2002

Convention PEUGEOT
la Grande Armée PARIS Avenue on July 2, 2001.

TOP RESA 1999 at DEAUVILLE stand of New Caledonia
with Sandrine VIDEAULT (perfumer) 23/09 to 26/09/1999.

National seminar BAYER
from 23/08 to 26/08/1999 in TENERIFE.

at the Grand Palais in LILLE on March 16, 1999.

FRANCE, Salon FIHT metrology
in VILLEPINTE, from 2 to 5 February 1999.

Convention SNCF at the Cirque d'hiver Bouglione on 27 March 1997.
Roped parties first. Dissemination of odors.

20th anniversary of the Group AXA Re
at the PARIS circus of winter; 15/09/1995.

Conventions GAZ de FRANCE 1995;
Paris, Tours, Toulouse, Lyon, Toulon, Nantes, Metz.

Convention IBM France, 6 and 7 April 1994.
Dissemination of odours at the Palais des Congrès in MARRAKECH.

EMPORIUM 1992, STUDIO LA VICTORINE. 12-13-14 November 1992 at the CNIT.